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Reader's Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Saved Amy's Relationship!

Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew in every fiber of your being was destined to stay alive, only to experience a situation that threatened to decimate it forever?  Maybe you even feel like it DID decimate it forever.  It can make even the strongest soul lose faith in love, soul connections, and the magic that makes the universe go around. And it’s happened to every single one of us at some point in our lives. And every time it does, no matter who we are, we turn to whatever source of support we can find in order to find faith and hope in dire situations. It is situations as dire as this that are the very reasons that Astrology Answers was born. Here at Astrology Answers, we know that every ending only means one thing. A new beginning!  And lost love happens to be the specialty of Katherine at Astrology Answers. She even thinks that when love is broken, that is the biggest opportunity of all to make it bigger. Sounds a little backwards? Here’s an Astrology Answers review from one of Katherine’s readers who thought her lost love was the most hopeless situation of them all. Continue reading

Reader's Success Story! How Astrology Answers Helped Jon Create Success!

Astrology Answers could not function without our readers. You are the reason we create daily, monthly, and weekly goals. We want to see you succeed! Not only that, we want to be sure you maintain that momentum once you find it, in order to experience truly unprecedented success. Don’t think that’s possible? Katherine at Astrology Answers says nothing is impossible, and she has helped many of her loyal clients and readers experience success. And not just once! But time, after time, after time again.  But she also knows how far away those dreams feel to many of her special friends. That’s why she loves nothing better than getting letters that tale the stories of success that she has helped people find every single day. How close are you to your goal of abundance? Katherine says, when you play your cards right, you are always closer than you think.  Here’s one letter Katherine recently received that she has been very eager to share with all of her loyal followers, because she knows that Jon’s Astrology Answers reviews can give hope to those that feel success is out of reach. Here’s Jon’s story!

Dear Katherine,

Hello and how are you today? I am well thanks, but you probably already know that, Ha!  I have to say, I never thought I would be writing this letter to you, or to anybody to be honest. I thought once the bottom fell out of my financial situation, that my life was basically over. As you know, I even considered finishing it myself. When it seems that you have no way out, that seems like the only viable option. Man, am I EVER glad that I didn’t do that stupid thing. How else would I know how valuable and resourceful the universe is, just like you said!

I would love to share my story with your other friends, because I know there is someone out there that probably feels just like I did about a year ago. It was actually almost a year to the date that my life became the proverbial country western song. In one short afternoon, I lost my wife, my best friend, and she even took the dog.  The dog! Who does that to a man?  I actually grieved Trixie more than I grieved the woman to be honest. Once I realized what I was married to I sort of thought good riddance, but the dog?? Really?? Sadly with the dog she also took the house, which of course was being financed through the business so guess what else I lost? Everything.

One thing I will give that woman credit for is signing up for your service.  Man that girl REALLY liked getting your emails! She even signed up one of my spam email accounts for your service so she could get more free readings. I bet you saw into that one! I even noticed in one of your chat sessions with her that you were counselling her against deception. Guess that didn’t work out very well for her, did it? Oddly enough it were your words to HER that began the change for me. Everything you said made so much sense, I couldn’t get over it! You said so many things to her about our private life that I couldn’t help but wonder, how did you KNOW?

Well no offense, Katherine, but I wasn’t really all that pleased about hearing that her soul connection was around her, and it wasn’t the person she was married to. That hit like a ton of bricks. Mind you, by the time I found that out I had already lost everything. So it didn’t hit THAT hard. I must have spent hours reading your emails to her. Then I felt like a thunderbolt of idiot had slammed into me. One day when I was reading your emails to her I got actual goosebumps. You were spelling out things to her that she had to do in order to see success. They were such easy steps, and she did them! And now she is happier than ever, and here I was reading about how awesome someone else’s life was going because of you. That’s when the idiot stick hit me. I should consult with you!

And so I did, as you well know, and in a very few short months, you got me back on track with the same step by step advice. I don’t know how you knew that my lawyer would be able to help with such strange details in my case, but I guess the ‘hows’ of it all now, are unimportant.  The only thing that is important now is that my life has done a complete 180. I was able to get that financing stream you suggested to save both my house and my business. Now she’s on her own with my now EX best friend and they are struggling to make it. That’s kind of the ironic thing. Once she landed him, she thought she didn’t need you anymore and man is it ever fun to watch her karmic boomerang hit her now! I know, I know, that’s not very nice, but I have to have some fun, don’t I Katherine?

Of course you know with your help I now have a funner, and more fulfilled life than ever.  I’m even dating this gorgeous girl, and I don’t really know about the whole soul connection thing just yet, but I’m certainly not setting her loose anytime soon. You’re really helping out there too.  But I won’t make the same mistake my ex did and stop using your awesome services, you even gave me better advice than my own lawyer!  I really didn’t think this kind of happiness was possible, and just want you and all of my new friends at Astrology Answers to know how possible it is, and how GRATEFUL I am for ALL of your help!  Thank you Katherine and Astrology Answers! 



P.S. Forgot to mention, Trixie wants to be sure to wag hello!  She sure is just as happy as I am that all things have come full circle for us, at home! Thanks Katherine!!

Do you have a success story that you want to share? Did you get the windfall that Katherine predicted for you, or did your career or professional life explode after working with Katherine? Or maybe you found the love of your life….finally!  Share your story today, and it might be featured right here to help bring inspiration and light to the entire Astrology Answers family. What is YOUR Astrology Answers review?  How did Katherine change YOUR life?  We can’t wait to hear!


Reader's Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Turned Ana's Life Around


Astrology Answers could not exist without its dedicated and loyal readers. You are the reasons we get up in the morning! And there’s nothing that Katherine at Astrology Answers loves more than hearing success stories from her readers. Makes her day! Katherine and all of the experts at Astrology Answers know how important it is for people today to have a global and authority place for support during the dark times in their lives. But it is just as important to be inspired by those that found the light even through their darkest hours! Our goal is to be your beacon of light, and there’s nothing that gets more excited than hearing about how we did just that. Here’s a very special story that Katherine herself got goosebumps over, a story from one of our own readers! Here’s what Ana’s Astrology Answer review has to say, and if you are feeling inspired, we’d love to hear your success story too!

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